PEACE designs and implements youth and community programs that foster global youth exchange and women’s and human rights, empowering individuals and communities to understand their rights and promote a more just society. Peace Education and Community Empowerment was founded in 2004 as a non-profit, apolitical grassroots organization to promote global dialogue, women’s rights, and youth empowerment in local communities in Sindh. In the last 14 years, PEACE has evolved as a dedicated virtual exchange organization registered under Pakistan Societies Registration Act 1870, connecting youth in schools locally and globally. Over the years, PEACE has expanded its network to all provinces of Pakistan and has the permanent presence in Sindh, Punjab and the Federal Region of Islamabad. PEACE has started working in Sustainable Development Goals education in schools, colleges and universities in Sindh Province of Pakistan since September 2017.

PEACE operates in five core areas including innovative education, SDGs education, peace-building and conflict resolution programming, community empowerment and public awareness. Its primary stakeholders are secondary school students, educators, and communities at large. PEACE engages these stakeholders to improve educational and employment opportunities by building 21st learning skills to promote youth and women’s rights and sustained global dialogue. PEACE uses interactive tools such as real-time video conferencing, youth workshops, educator professional development training, study circles, community awareness campaigns and similar outreach mediums to maximize the impact of its work.


Back in 2004, Mr. Wali Muhammad Danish Jatoi, Founder of PEACE Pakistan, identified a need for a sustainable educational and advocacy platform to bring opportunities to under-served areas of Sindh, Pakistan. Based in Bhit Shah, PEACE was formed to address the lack of structured activism and the need for innovative educational interventions in the community. With humble beginnings, Mr. Jatoi understood that the students of under-served areas need to be given international exposure. He started communicating with international organizations and connected hundreds of Pakistan Public and Private sector schools in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, UAE, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Egypt, Italy, Palestine, Jordon, Mexico, and Ukraine on intercultural dialogue. After attending Youth Assembly at United Nations Mr. Wali Muhammad Danish Jatoi, started conducting workshops for youth motivation to on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Willing youth workers become Ambassadors of Peace and work on UN SDGs in their communities.

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